Worth Every Penny!

Many years ago a friend of mine purchased a new european sports car. It was a sleek and stylish convertible bound to turn heads as he drove through the City. One problem, he lived in Denver where the freeway can be covered with salt and sand for many months of the year.  Not willing to park his car …

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5 Steps To Be THAT Boss

The Service industry is about people, and building relationships. More business is won, and lost, due to relationships than can ever be gained through performance. If you lack the ability to build solid relationships with employees, customers and peers, you will most likely fail to achieve your goals, regardless of your ability to perform. When …

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Employee Development, Investment or Expense?

Companies often say that their employees are their most valuable asset.  If that is true, why are they so often neglected?   When smart companies invest in vehicles or other equipment for production they meticulously follow the maintenance schedule to keep this asset running in top condition.  Oil gets changed.  Machines are calibrated.  Daily inspections are …

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