Superior Training, Superior Results

When business growth slows, or even comes to a halt, it is natural for company owners and executive management to look for ways to quickly return the company to profitability.  This often leads business owners to look for areas where they can reduce expenses. 

Training programs are often a target of such cost cutting measures, but the most successful companies and business owners recognize that cutting employee training and development may provide small short-term gains, but the long-term costs are harmful to their employees, their culture, and their customers.

Training is not an expense, where the costs of providing training are lost forever, rather training is an investment that will pay dividends far beyond the initial cost, and will positively impact your company far into the future.

The importance of a sustained and ongoing training program – for both new employees and more senior staff — cannot be overemphasized. Effective training of new employees results in employees who:

  • Get off to a good start.
  • Are more confident, because they know what they’re doing.
  • Provide consistent, high quality services.
  • Follow best practices.
  • Are more productive and save your company time and money.
  • Have a good feeling about the company.
  • Want to stay with the company long term and move up with the company.

When your employees are more confident, they have higher production rates and provide higher quality, consistent services.  Employees who care about your company begin to take ownership, and this carries over to how they care for your customers. 

A quality training program is one do the keys in developing a culture of continued improvement and sustained long term growth. Are you investing in your employees and building for the future, or are you cutting back on training and hindering future growth?

If you intend to build your company for sustained, superior results, your investment in training your employees needs to reflect that commitment.

Training is one of the Seven Pillars of Success for Janitorial Companies, a program designed to help turn your business frustrations into renewed growth and profitability through commitment to a set of universal principles and systems that encourage growth, increase employee morale and turn customers into your promoters. For more information contact Scott Murray at

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