Tailor Made Proposal Documents

At the time you are presenting your company to a prospect, and asking for their business, shouldn’t you be doing all that you can to win over the client and persuade them that your company is superior to all others.  Here are five steps to make that happen:

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  1. Winning proposals follow directions – When submitting a competitive proposal, we often receive instructions on what information to provide, and how the client would like to see that information in the proposal.  Follow these instructions.  Why would you not do what your prospect has instructed you to do?
  2. Winning proposals inform – Your proposal should inform the client about your company, your experience, your references and unique attributes of your offering to remove any doubt as to your qualifications.
  3. Winning proposals tell a story – Your proposal should tell an interesting story!   Tell your history, your successes, and your learning experiences in a way that puts a human face to your proposal.   A client who can relate to your story is much more likely to want to do business with your company.
  4. Winning proposals set you apart – What sets you apart from everyone else?   Let your client know what you provide that no one else can.  This is a great place for a letter of reference from a current client who was blown away by your product or service.  We all have these experiences in our business.  This is the time to tell all about it.
  5. Winning proposals are pleasing to look at – Your proposal should have graphics, charts, and illustrations that add to the content of the proposal and add variety to the facts and stories you are trying to tell.  Have your proposal bound or presented in custom folders to further set your offering apart from the competition.  By taking the time to present a beautiful, custom proposal, you are letting your customer know how important their business is to you, and how you will treat them as you do business together.

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