I began my business career with one opportunity.  I was doing work for retail clients while going to college.  One of my clients let me know that his company was looking for similar services in a neighboring state.  A few phone calls, some bid documents, and one face-to face meeting later  I was in business.

I knew the business, but I didn’t know about business.  Turns out college didn’t prepare me to be my own boss and run a small company.    I learned a lot before I sold that business and went to work for an international giant, ISS Facility Services. 

After moving up at ISS, I soon hit a point where I had to move out.  I went to work for a regional contractor as the Project Manager for BG Service Solutions at the Stapleton (Denver) Airport.

With a great team, we grew that single account into a national division with over $70 MM in annual revenues.  Along the way, that regional contractor was acquired by the same international giant, ISS, that I had left many years earlier.  I stayed on with ISS for several years until I realized that their goals and mine were not the same.

After leaving ISS I formed Confluence Consulting, a firm dedicated to helping growing businesses learn from my experience, and my mistakes, providing clients with customized planning, training and coaching designed for the unique needs of each business.

As a sales and operations professional with over 30 years serving clients throughout the United States, I understand that success is dependent on building a strong operations platform as a launching pad for a successful sales effort. 

In addition to my years in business, I am a certified career and executive coach.  I live with my wife in a beautiful mountain valley in Utah, where I can practice my whitewater rafting and downhill skiing.

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